What Jersey Shore Character Are You?

This is quite a quiz. I love watching Jersey Shore and I wanted to do a quiz on it. If your result is Angelina I really feel bad for you, but O WELL ENJOY.

This quiz is 100% awesome. If you love watching Jersey Shore as much as I do, you'll love finding your character. My fave character is JWOW because she is sooo down, but if you are familiar with the show, take this quiz and have fun.

Created by: tinkerbelly

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your plans are to
  2. I love...
  3. When your friend gets into a fight you
  4. My best accessory is
  5. You like getting
  6. I know I
  7. You cheat on your boyfriend you..
  8. You are getting arrested. What would you say?
  9. I like working out, getting tanned, and looking fresh
  10. Im a

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Quiz topic: What Jersey Shore Character am I?