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This is a Melodramatic Love Story. Where, by the twist of destiny, Two foster sisters who are different in every way falls in love with the same guy and become love rivals. Eventually they fight like cats and dogs. Followed by more drama, revenge in unexpected ways, heartbreaks, betrayals, secrets etc.,

Ashley Hayden [YOU]: Petite, Jet black Long Poker straight hair with blunt bangs, Brown eyes. Sydney Hayden: Tall, Light blonde Long wavy hair with lots of loose waves giving plenty of volume, Blue eyes. Keith: Tall, Dark Chestnut-brown Medium-length shaggy hair , uncleanly parted from the middle with long bangs falling all over his forehead and ears, Brown eyes Brad: Tall, Dirty blonde Medium straight shaggy hair, Grey eyes.

Created by: Orange Fusion
  1. Hello CANDIES! How are you? This is not part 3. This is a special part.
  2. PIECE 1# It was a cold, dark, Winter Evening. The Redheaded girl was sitting beside a Lily Pond. Stars were glowing in the sky despite dark clouds. Just like that, Lily flowers were glowing in the pond, full of dense leaves. Because of the darkness around the pond, the whiteness of Lily flowers were shining like Diamonds. The redheaded girl swiftly got up hearing the sudden noise of footsteps behind her. As she got up she was about to fall into the lily pond but a pair of hands grabbed her from falling into the pond and the voice said, 'Patch its me'.
  3. Its none other than Keith. Chills went up and down through her body. Because of her natural shyness she tried to remove his hands around her waist. But she did not have the strength to do so. Because of that she was again about to fall into the pond. Keith has to grab her more tightly so that she wont fall into the pond.
  4. He bringed her face towards his face. Patch pulled herself together and said, 'Leave me Keith, don't touch me' in a angry tone. Keith let her go saying, 'Forgive me Patch'. Still in her shyness, 'Why i have to forgive you?' she asked him. 'For scaring you by coming unannounced' he replied. 'It's okay that you came unannounced, but why did you touch and grab me?' she asked him as if she is upset by that. 'You are about to fall into the pond so i grabbed you Patch' he said. 'Beautiful! The water level in the pond is not even around my waist. But you came to save me!' she laughed at him.
  5. PIECE 2# On a Saturday morning Patch's mobile rang. It was Keith who was calling her. 'Hi Keith' she said. 'Good morning Patch! What are you doing?' he asked her. 'Nothing' she said. 'Nothing?' he asked her. 'Ah, well... I'm watching Twilight' she replied. 'Twilight? Again? Gosh how many times you will watch that damn movie over and over again?' Keith asked her annoyed. 'hmm... Until my love for Edward is drained' she said giggling. 'oh god. I thought that you love only me. but youre having an affair' he said like he's hurt. 'You don't have to worry Keith. Because edward is only imaginary' she replied. 'Good to hear that' he chuckled. 'Hey what are you doing for lunch?' he asked her. 'what is that question Keith?' she asked him back. 'Just tell me what are you doing Patch' he replied. 'hmm i'll eat lunch' she told him. 'So you are free?' he said. 'for what?' she asked him dumbly. 'Don't ask me just meet me in the park bye' he hung her up. 'Keith' patch shouted as he disconnected the call.
  6. 'What's taking him so long? Patch asked herself while waiting for Keith in the Park. A few minutes later Keith arrived. 'Sorry Patch i kept you waiting' he said rushingly. 'no no its fine. I just came a minute ago' she replied. 'Okay come' he said as she followed him. He sat on a bench and got out all the things that he has been carrying in a bag. 'What's all this?' Patch asked him still standing. 'uh... Lunch. Let's have lunch together.' he said smiling.
  7. She hesistated. 'What? Are you embarrassed to have lunch with me?' he asked her. 'no no' she sat on the bench quickly as she said. He arranged the lunch properly and said 'let's eat'. 'Is this korean food?' Patch's jaw dropped. 'Yeah, i cooked for you' he told her smiling. 'what? You cooked for me?' she asked him in astronishment. 'Tell me how it is!' he replied. 'Hmmmmm you are an amazing cook Keith' she complimented him after tasting everything. 'I know the food doesn't taste that great' Keith said with a sad tone. 'Keith, its tastes awesome. I like it so much' she assured him. 'Youre only saying that to not hurt my feelings' he said in reply. 'No. I'm not doing that. Its really tasty. Guess what? Its tastier than candy itself' she hugged him. 'If you say so' he hugged her back.
  8. They both finished their lunch and took a walk in the park holding hands. Finally he hugged her and said goodbye. 'Thank you for today Keith. I hope you cook for me often' she joked. 'Marry me and i'll cook for you everyday' he too joked. 'No way. I'm planning an imaginary wedding with Edward Cullen' she said and giggled girlishly. 'Relly? We'll see that.' he said as both said goodbye to each other and parted ways.
  9. That's it for now. See you CANDIES later on. Until that....
  10. Stay Delicious!

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