Do u know the words?

Do you know the music? You can't cheat for here mostly 'cause I typed all the word just out of order. Try your luck. If you know it they great for you. If you don't know then you should listen to the music.

I typed most of the word you just gotta insert them and see which makes the most sence out of all of them. My favorites are "Castel on a cloud" "On my own" and "I dreamed a dream" They all touched my heart very much so.

Created by: Meghan

  1. "There is a castel on a cloud...." What comes next?
  2. "There was a time when men were kind..."
  3. "Do you hear the people sing singing a song of angry men.."
  4. "On my own pretend he's beside me..all alone I walk with him til mourning.."
  5. "At the end of the day your another day older..."
  6. "Look down look down and show some mercy if you can..."
  7. "There out in the.."
  8. "They laught at me them fellow cause I am small.."
  9. "The sun is high its hot as hell below.."
  10. "Do you hear the people sing singing the song of angry men.."

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