Skyejord Citizen Ship Test

Skyejord is a truly spectacular place to live. Besides the fact that it's on a cloud (which is really pretty cool on its own), this village is teaming with kind, giving and optomistic people. In addition, the town is seperated into ten extremely different towns, making it able to suit everyones' ideals for the perfect world.

Where do you belong in this wonderous land? This quiz helps take all of the guesswork out of it. :] You'll get just the right answer after answering 15 pretty simple questions.

Created by: Katy and Chloe'

  1. Which describes your life outlook?
  2. Are you more optomistic or pessimistic?
  3. Do you enjoy working for long hours?
  4. Do you like having a busy schedule?
  5. Do you consider yourself "creative"?
  6. Are you more practical or imaginative?
  7. Are you very social and friendly?
  8. Does living in a place with beautiful scenery mean a lot to you?
  9. Which subject appeals to you more?
  10. Do you set high standards for yourself?
  11. Do you generally put other's needs ahead of your own?
  12. Do you contemplate the advantages and disadvantages before making a big desicion?
  13. Can you easily put yourself in other peoples' shoes?
  14. Would you rather spend a Friday night going out with your best friends or reading a really good book?
  15. Do you enjoy spending time outside?

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