How well do you know me?

Do you know Sara? How well? If you consider yourself a friend, or a stalker, you need to take this quiz. You are guaranteed to laugh. There are some good memories here.

Do you know who Fig Beebo is? Do you know where I got the word "bubbler" from? If you do, then you need to take this test. There is some challenging and entertaining stuff in here!

Created by: Sara
  1. Where was I born?
  2. When did I move across the country?
  3. What was my first car?
  4. Which two boys got in a fight over me in 10th grade? As in who punched who while the other hid and covered his face?
  5. What did I start out going to school for?
  6. What is my least favorite color?
  7. What did I compete in for years in 4H?
  8. What bone did I break while training my horse?
  9. What was the name of the horse that bucked me off that time (and many other times)?
  10. How many tattoos do I have?
  11. How many holes in each ear?
  12. What gauge are the holes in my ears?
  13. Who is my boyfriend?
  14. How long have Josh and I been together?
  15. How did we meet?
  16. How many colleges have I attended?
  17. What degree did I end up with?
  18. Which one of the following jobs have I had?
  19. True or False - I once lived on a chimpanzee sanctuary site.
  20. What do I do now for a job?
  21. What are our dogs names?
  22. What color are my eyes?
  23. What was the name of the road I lived on when I grew up? Also the name of my dad's boat and the first part of Khymry's name.
  24. I can't think of any more questions, so just pick an answer.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?