The Ultimate Sara Evans Quiz

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There are many country music fans in the world. If you are a country music fan you are a fan of the best genre of music ever! If you are a Sara Evans fan, you are a fan of one of the best singers in the world!

Do YOU know enough about Sara to get a good score? Feel free to do research on her life before taking this quiz. SARA EVNAS IS INCREDIBLE. SHE IS AWESOME.

Created by: Randi Nearing
  1. Who are Sara's parents?
  2. What is Sara's middle name?
  3. What was Sara's first #1 hit?
  4. Who is Sara's current husband?
  5. How many sibling does Sara have?
  6. How many children does Sara have?
  7. Where does Sara live?
  8. On what of Sara's new singles does her daughter Olivia sing background vocals?
  9. What political views does Sara have?
  10. What is Sara's new record called?

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