Random Questions About Country Singers and Music

For all of those people who think you know country music and its singers you've come to the right place! so take this quiz and see if you know as much as you think you do!

There is a lot of great music out there and country is one of them it tells stories and pretty much everything you're average person goes through daily...

Created by: SingleWhiteFemale
  1. This quiz is basically random questions about the country singers and their music! Are You Ready??
  2. What is Carrie Underwood's sons name?
  3. What is Luke Bryans real name?
  4. Which one is NOT a Country Singer?
  5. Which 2 female singers sang Somethin' Bad together?
  6. Who sang 'This Is How We Roll' with Florida Georgia Line?
  7. Which Band is NOT a country music band?
  8. Which 2 female singers sang Because Of You?
  9. Who sings Star Of The Show?
  10. Who sings Huntin' Fishin' and Lovin' everyday?

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