Memories of a Shard pt. 5

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Once again, I've written a part of my new story in which two (well three) unlikely friends fight to live. In this section of the story, we'll find out parts and pieces to the puzzle.

What's going on with Dark and 'Dr.' Crow? What is Kyrpton planning? Will there be cake and cookies, or bombs and needles? You better hope for the cake, but it's not there. Read on.

Created by: amazon

  1. Now, we will continue. But I need to you remember the warning. The plot does gets semi-violent. Do not read on if you don't think you can handle it.
  2. Dark let all of this sink in with horror as it dawned on her that she was alone with this Dr. Crow figure. To top that off, she was being kept like property to some crazy seventeen-year-old. (She only thought he was seventeen. Truth was he was eighteen.) She kicked away from him, running a few feet away before she was choked.
  3. "You can try to run from this, Dark. I'm your worst nightmare come true. You can scream all you want and no one will hear you except for me. And if I try, you're not getting out of here. Maybe when you die. Learn to listen to facts. Don't go hiding from something you can't."
  4. ~ Krypton glared at the faces coming from the door. He was beyond ticked off with all of the knives that were shoved into his arms and legs. The needles in his forehead. The pills stuffed down his throat. It all pissed him off. It didn't hurt. It was just annoying.
  5. "Hey. Are you guys almost done poking around? I want a turn." Before the first scientist could let out a scream, Krypton had picked him up and snapped his neck. The collar beeped and buzzed furiously, attempting to shock Krypton, but he ripped it off without a care in the world and quickly rolled his head to fix his stiff neck before picking up one of the needles and shoving it into another scientist's neck, killing him.
  6. Scientists by now had run out or were trying to restrain the beast on the loose. However, the ones who had stayed behind were dead before they could move. Krypton looked at the small pile of bodies boredly. It had ended as soon as he had started it.
  7. ~ Dark was dragged into Krypton's room by Crow. The room had lost some of its light, so it was fairly dark. Krypton's eyes glowed as he turned to look at the two of them. He frowned.
  8. "So the bird has the cat? This wasn't what I thought it would be...give her back to me before I kill you like I did to your little playmates." Krypton hissed out, his expression death-defying.
  9. Crow smiled with satisfaction, and he murmured, "I'm keeping her for you now, Krypton. It's your turn to back down."
  10. The two boys glared at each other. Dark watched with little enthusiasm. She was scared out of her wits. On any normal day, if Crow was some kid on their street they live in, and if Krypton was Kry, the argument over her would have made her giggle. Now it was pure terrifying.
  11. Crow raised an eye at Krypton's silence, but otherwise said nothing else. He placed a hand on Dark's shoulder, causing her to whimper.
  12. "I suppose I'll see you later, mutant. I have business to attend to, such as new replacements...and the young one over here." Crow turned to walk away.
  13. "You do anything to her, anything that's not meant for thirteen-year-olds to go through, and I'll make your death slow and painful. Do you hear me?" Krypton's voice half rung out.
  14. Crow smirked at his response, saying, "Too late for you to ask for that, mutant. I've already decided on playing with my toy," before exiting with Dark, leaving Krypton to sit and glower.
  15. And that's end of pt. 5. Pick one and leave. Q: How is the storyline so far?

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