Memories of a Shard pt. 4

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Welcome back to the fourth part in the series Memories of a Shard. If you'll kindly skip past this to the story, I'm sure you'll find this is the beginning of the character's problems.

NOTE: The two characters you can find in this part are Crow and a Doctor. You'll find out about the poor Docs in part five, but Crow is in this part.

Created by: amazon

  1. Hey! Alright, so we're going to start off again where we left. But there is a WARNING. The story plot gets semi-violent. If you can't enjoy dead doctors, then you must leave immediately.
  2. Chapter 3- Kry awoke in a cold room. A small yawn escaped his mouth before he realized he wasn't at home. He sat up with a bolt. Around him, white fluffy walls encased him, making him feel a little insane. Just the fluffy white walls. No window. A door was at the end of the room in front of him.
  3. Kry tried to stand and was choked. He had a collar made of metal on his neck with little buzzing lights. He was forced to sit back down. Something wasn't right. Clause didn't have a room like this, and he most certainly didn't have this horrible collar.
  4. "Test Subject One has awoken. Test Subject Two still knocked out." A speaker buzzed within the collar. Faces peeked into the room from the glass in the door. Kry frowned. 'Test Subject One? Two? Me and who else?' he thought, glancing at the people. Something in his mind told him to let Krypton take control. "Kry Chained.."
  5. ~ Dark had a chain wrapped around her neck, the end in the hands of a man sitting next to her. He was stroking her cheek fondly. It seemed she was a prize he couldn't wait to play with. Soon her eyes opened and she let out a small scream.
  6. "Calm down Dark. Or should I say Miss Lithe? Lithe Miko Dark Carlotta? You adorable little thing, you. You must be shocked. Here's a glass of water." The man seemed to know everything she was going to do and need. He handed Dark a glass of water. Dark sniffed it before slowly sitting up and drinking a sip.
  7. "Who...are you? Where am I? Where's Kry? Clause? What's going on?" Dark wasn't really afraid. In fact, she was curious. The man smiled and pulled Dark out of her bed and set her on his lap. She shivered for a quick second.
  8. Note: I may not get to the violence depends.
  9. "I am Dr. Crow. You're in a Testing area 100.5 miles away from the nearest city, meaning if you were to try to escape you'd be running a long while and we'd catch you." Crow paused, smirking and laughing softly, as if he wanted this to stay inside the thirteen-year-old's mind.
  10. "Kry is safe in a different room. You'll see him soon. Him or Krypton. Clause is dead. He was murdered last night. Which brings us to what exactly is going on. "Kry" is going under several tests because he is not like a normal person. In fact, in Clause's notes, he's called a Memory. We're making sure he's safe...and how to make more of him with a single personality. While all of this is going on, I get to keep you. Think of me as a special add on to your family, Miss Lithe."
  11. End. :3 Pick one of the following to see.

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