Memories of a Shard pt. 3

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Once again, the story you will gladly try to not forget is back with a lot of suspense. With Kry and Dark starting together, what's going on? What will happen?

Only you can find out by reading part three of the story Memories of a Shard. Maybe you'll discover the new secrets hidden within this fun and scary story.

Created by: amazon
  1. We will continue where I've left off.
  2. "I get to watch you guys. Is that cool? Isn't it, isn't it? We can play and do stuff. Plus Mr. Overprotective will be gone with Violet so I can finally come to you if I have nightmares. And we can stay in the woods, and we can be outside, and we can-" "We can do all of those things, dear. Calm down. Besides, it's your bedtime." "Aww, you're no fun." "I am too!" "Nuh uh."
  3. Kry picked Dark up and brought her into the house, laughing and carrying her to her room. Dark stuck out her tongue, fighting back and attempting to get Kry to stop walking. The two wrestled around as she was placed onto her bed.
  4. The room was interesting, if any other way of putting it. Books were on shelves in the room, clothes were neatly in drawers, and the bed was well made. It was the perfect dream room a father would want to see. Dark always took care of the room.
  5. "If you can go get ready, I'll sleep with you tonight. Clause can't argue. He knows how you get nightmares. Plus, he prefers it if I watch over you." Kry winked at Dark, smiling and getting up to go get ready.
  6. - Clause looked into Dark's room. Kry was asleep on Dark's bed with her, his arms wrapped around her protectively. Dark could barely be seen. Her dark red hair was sprawled out over a pillow. She seemed to be peaceful. Clause let out a sigh of relief and closed the door.
  7. He walked down the hall, thoughts beginning to grow fuzzy as he almost ran into the wall. He let out a small yelp of surprise, falling backwards onto the ground. He didn't understand what was going on. It seemed as if someone had given him wine. And the last time that happened, he threw up and wouldn't come out of his room for a week. Kry had to stay down in the basement with only food and water. It was a tragic event.
  8. Clause finally regained his focus and blindly looked around. He was still in the hall. But something didnt seem right to him. It was as if another pair of eyes were there. Ever so slowly he turned. Nothing. Clause frowned and was about to turn forward when something cold and sharp sliced into his throat. He choked and his head hit the ground. The last thing he noticed before his life ended was a blur of black shoes and a whisper.
  9. "Thank you for the kid and the created person, Mayling D. Clause. I'm quite sure their screams will be lovely."
  10. And now I end this. ^-^ Just click rate or comment and you'll be outta here.

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