How Well Do You Know Me? (Lone)

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Hello. I an LoneShadowWolf, a GTQ user, and I decided to make one of those 'How well do you know me?' Quizzes. Do you know me? Or don't you? Find out!

Do you know me? Do you not know me? Are you just a creepy stalker? A lucky guesser? A not-so-lucky guesser? A person who sucks at these quizzes even if they do know the person well?

Created by: LoneShadowWolf
  1. Hello persons taking this quiz. First of all, have you ever talked to me? (Through the forums or maybe quiz comments)
  2. How old am I?
  3. Have I ever mentioned my name?
  4. What sport do I do?
  5. What is one of my favorite shows?
  6. Am I a writer?
  7. What was the first thread I ever posted in?
  8. Who were my first friends ever on this site?
  9. Whose daughter am I?
  10. What's my favorite color(s)?
  11. What are some of my favorite smiley faces?
  12. Do I know the short quiz trick? (Having less then 10-12 questions)
  13. When I roleplay, what do I roleplay as?
  14. How many soaps have I participated in?
  15. Last one. What common name do I use in soaps/literary roleplays?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me? (Lone)