What's your personality (accurate)

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Hello, peoples. LoneShadowWolf here. I made a personality quiz. Are you one of my five main personalities? Take this quiz and find out. I tried to make it accurate.

The second paragraph is even more pointless then the first.

Created by: LoneShadowWolf
  1. Alright, this is my first quiz in a little while. I hope you like it. -LoneShadowWolf
  2. What are some of your best personality traits?
  3. In contrast, what are some of your worst personality traits?
  4. You are walking down a street and someone randomly points at you and shouts, "Hey! You killed my father!" What do you do? (This is assuming you've never ever killed anyone before, I know some users like to believe they have...)
  5. You see a box of kittens in the street. What do you do?
  6. Who is your favorite character from Lord of the Rings?
  7. Do you have good friends? And I mean real, true friends.
  8. Are you brave?
  9. Do you visit the GoToQuiz forums?
  10. So, twelfth question. Except...this isn't a question!

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Quiz topic: What's my personality (accurate)