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Well this quiz, was I dunno what to say really. This wasn't meant for results. I guess. You can read this but I wouldn't. It sucks needing blah bag characters .

Well this quiz, was I dunno what to say really. This wasn't meant for results. I guess. You can read this but I wouldn't. It sucks needing yay characters

Created by: singin234

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  1. (Feel free to skip this paragraph) Most of you don't know me, I used to be on gtq. Your lucky if you don't know me! To be honest, my quizzes/stories sucked haha. It's been a few months since I was last on here, I write a little and I'm planning to maybe write a little more. Maybe post some stuff on here. Through this isn't what this quiz is about. Being honest I don't know why I wrote this. I'm just making it up as I go along (as always) it's a habit I have. I really should plan before I write! Through I guess it proves I haven't changed a lot. Through I've changed a lot! That didn't make any sense, opps I'm a little tried. Comes with being depressed. Yeah I have depression but I'm not looking for anyone's pity. There are so many people out there who are suffering more then me. So maybe this is what this quiz is going to be about. I'm not Aira just to warn you :) haha. Yes I know the lovely Aria, I also know bunny (bultixxx) through I don't know if they are on here anymore. Well I hope they are both reading this. Also maybe my old favx writer on here, which sadly I've forget her username! Dam, but I'll know her when I see her username. The Reckless Bam? Was it ? Or something along thoes lines. Well if you can't tell, I'm rambling. Don't worry I'll only ramble for the paragraph. I'm probably boring you, if I haven't...your a very easy entertained person (just kidding) or your very bored. I'm singin234, through now I'm known as Sparkz (not on gtq through) on other sites. I have wattpad, I haven't wrote much really. I've been writing poems, if anyone wants to read them you should Kik me. My Kik is: isabellakm5. So yeah my name is isabella. Feel free to call me isabella or Sparkz, or singin. I hope I can cheer you guys up with my quiz.(I don't even know what I'm going to put in it) maybe I'll just ramble? I have no idea! I'm not that good with planning. Well I did start the name of the quiz with dear. Dear who? You might wonder. Dear you, whoever is reading this. Just don't expect this to be an awesome quiz, it will probably suck. Just a heads up (: I hope I lift your sprits for whoever is down. If you have any problems you can Kik me (isabellakm5) through hopefully you'll all happy (: oh ps: I might ramble (: just a little
  2. Dear you, well whoever is reading this.
  3. Well honestly I don't what age group gtq is now days. So I don't know to be mushy or not. Mostly your going to think this quiz sucks. I mean who wants to know about a depressed 13 year old's life? Who wants help from her? Well I might only be 13, I'm normal. Through I've been through a lot. Not as lot as others. I'm a lucky one. I only have depression, anxiety, I have a hard time making friends and I'm ugly. Through I'm lucky, I have a wonderful family, a wonderful school and I go to school! I'm luckily that I'm learning. Oh I'm not someone who loves school, I hate it. I'm not smart as well, but at least I learn. There are childern out there that don't. Then it used to be girls couldn't go to school!! Luckily girls have more rights now. We am vote, go to school and go outside! Let's just say I listen in history. I love mythology and religion, of Greek and Rome. I just finshed 7th grade and I haven't gone into yr 8 yet. (I'm on school holidays!!) so I don't know a lot about history. But what I do know I love, plus I passed my history exam. Haha just. Anyway if you read the first question I wrote, you will know I tend to ramble. I don't ramble in real life, I'm shy person. Who never gets to express herself. So I express myself through writing, writing poems, quotes, stories and whatever I'm writing right now. People can express themselves in different ways. My way is writing, through others love art, music. It's how they express themselves. Epically if they have shy.
  4. We all like to dream, don't we? I don't mean by sleeping and dreaming while you sleep. I mean imagining things, our future, what happens next in a story,things that could happen. There are all kinds of things we dream about. I used to dream a lot! With dreaming I loved to read. I would guess what happens next. Through I don't read much anyone. I'm been role playing a lot through! So that kinda counts as writing?? I think we all dream, even if it's just a little. Or maybe you don't. After all what do I know? Through I do enjoy dreaming while sleeping. I love when I can't control it(unless it's a nightmare) Honestly I hate being in control, I have being in the centre of attention. Though I like some attention, just not a lot all at once. I don't get attention like that a lot through. Well not at all really. Which isn't a bad thing.
  5. Sorry, I don't really talk about myself. I like to tell others what in feelings. Through I see a councillor, yeah I see one. For my anxiety, depressed and low esteem. Through it's nice, I know people judge others for going to one. It doesn't mean you should pick on them. I mean why do you think they go there in the first place?? Well hardly anyone knows I go to one so I don't get picked on. Through I used to get bullied all the time for other things. It isn't nice being bullied. Every word hurts. I would of rather be stabbed then bullied. Oh we are difting to self-harm. Don't do it. I did it on my hand, I didn't even use a knife. Through it was hard lying about it. No one knows yet that I cut, but it was hard and hreatbreaking lying (and I'm a good lier) through I regret it. I might f been depressed then and I'm a little depressed now. I shouldn't of done it. Does that mean I'm weak if I do it? Who cares if I'm weak? Thoughts like that went through my head. I ingored and pushed my other feelings away. Now I've lerned, you can't do that. No matter how much it hurts. You have to be strong and what will cutting do? If you have to cry, hold it with your head high. Your important your worth something. Don't listen to thoes who put you down. Plus if people bully you, tell someone. Don't cut okay? It doesn't do anything.
  6. 8,9,10,11,12 so I have to write 5 more questions. Well it this case, rambling. I hope someone is reading this. I really do. I'm not the best person for Advice but I do care. Even if I don't know you. I hope your not hurting! I've hurt a lot and I'm not through it yet. Well life has it's up's and down's. Hold onto the happiness and live it to the fullest. Who knows, it might last (:
  7. Ouch my arms are sore. So this is wrapping up soon. I can't write anymore haha. My fingers and hands are hurting haha. Well My heart goes out to everyone who is stuffe ring. Just remember don't put others down bevause you are! You'll get through it, remember to smile, laugh, don't be scared to cry.
  8. This is getting to be a boring quiz haha. You know once I was someone who looked in from the outside. Now I'm someone who can fully look around and try to understand. Don't worry if you don't know what I mean. My questions Kik me. Oh! I almost forgot! I hope everyone enjoys there holidays
  9. Well not the best quiz huh. Pretty much a dumb ramble. Haha well if you want to hear me rambling more you can Kik me (isabellakm5) also if you need someone to talk to and help you Kik me.
  10. Happy holidays and be safe everyone

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