Is The Story I Wrote Good?

This quiz is for people who write stories and are not quite sure whether it is good or not. I enjoy writing and sometimes i am faced with that problem. That is why I made this quiz. I hope you find it useful!

Please be honest when taking this quiz; No one can see your results except you! Remember, if you don't get the result you were hoping for, don't worry! Keep trying until you achieve your goal. Enjoy!

Created by: Florency2002

  1. Does your story have an opening that sets the scene and introduces the main character(s)?
  2. Does your story have a clear Beginning, Build up, Climax, Resolution, Ending?
  3. Do the characters in your story develop throughout the story?
  4. Does your story have a mix of dialogue and description?
  5. What have you used in your story to make it more descriptive?
  6. Do you enjoy writing stories?
  7. Have you used powerful words to make the reader interested?
  8. Has anyone read your story?
  9. If you have showed it to someone, what did they think?
  10. Read the story out loud to yourself. Do is all make sense? Are you happy with your story?
  11. This quiz is definately not 100% accurate so if it says you have a rubbish story, it doesn't mean your story is actually rubbish. Do you understand? (This is not going to effect your results)

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