Hearts will break part one

My name is Quiana and I am ten years old. I enjoy writing long stories and I love turning them into story quizes even more. I sure hope you enjoy reading them because I will write quite a few depending on what I can come up with.

This is a series of story quizzes about a teenage girl named Amanda(you) and her guadians, Lucas, Justin, and Sean. This is not only romantic, it is also very funny(at times) and there is a lot of drama involved. I call this first part just getting to know the characters. well enjoy!

Created by: quiana

  1. Your alarm goes off, reminding you that you live in an imperfect world where there is schools and teachers. You get up and go to your closet to pick out an outfit to wear. You pick out a :
  2. You walk to the school bus stop and your phone buzzes you answer it and on the other line is the hospital saying your mom, dad, and little sister died in a car accident.
  3. You show up late to class and your teacher gives you detention pass. You punched your teacher in the stomach and you let one of your fingers talk to him.
  4. Suddenly out of no where, three boys with awesome abs walk in the room. Justin:Red-headed blue eyed emo boy with a sense of humor Sean:Tall dark skinned golden eyed boy with short black hair Lucas:Shy blonde with green eyes and fear of telling bad news
  5. All of a sudden you wake up and the exact same thing happens.You:
  6. Six hours later you end up at in the boys' car.They talk to you about what the HELLo is going on!"Amanda you are a insolinder, a creature that is human but at a certain can see the future and stop the evil from taking over the world." Sean winks at you right after Lucas explained to you what is going on.
  7. You get to their house finally and sean takes you to his room."This is my room.You will be sharing this with me."He offered."Uh, no she's not we have a guest room."Justin disagreed.
  8. You end up sleeping in the guest room and suddenly you hear something from upstairs. Something is creeping down the stairs into your room. You start freaking out silently you realize it was just Lucas coming to check on you.
  9. Are you okay down here?" He asks you.You nod your head. He leans closer to you."You, know I really like you." he said before kissing you.
  10. You two are just starting to kiss a little more when all of a sudden, Sean comes from behind and yanks him away from you.He looks him dead in the eye as if he could communicate with him that way."Good night."Sean says before dragging Lucas away.
  11. Who wants me to continue?
  12. Too Bad!

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