In which Pandora Hearts Dukedom you belonge?

This is a quiz to see in which Pandora Hearts dukedom you mostly fit: Vessalius, Nightray, Rainsworth, Barma, Baskerville. It is completely fanmade and based on what the character's personalities we have seen from those houses are mostly like.

---------------******************A quiz to find out in which Pandora Hearts dukedom you are most likely to belong!*********************---------------

Created by: 19936969
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If a person of inside one of the 4 Great Dukedoms tries to pick a fight with you:
  2. With what would you choose to fight?
  3. What of these you can't stand the most?
  4. What you treasure the most?
  5. I'll give you a present! Pick one!
  6. Now can i have a present too ;w;?
  7. If a person you care is in need...
  8. When you meet someone for first time:
  9. You love (mostly):
  10. Choose one of those words:

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