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  • Love it!! :)

    DCgirl Sep 3 '12, 12:12AM
  • you just HAD to end it here didn't u -_-

    yellowbell Sep 2 '12, 3:48PM
  • Thanx. you guys. I got sean(such a frickin' hotty)Oh!This is Quiana(the awesome creator)by the way.I'll make part two soon!

    feedtheq Sep 2 '12, 2:18PM
  • Loved it got Justin part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    Beautiful Games Sep 2 '12, 2:15PM
  • Love it make part 2 asan (as soon as now)

    mcqueen Sep 2 '12, 8:23AM
  • Gr8 story :D part 2 plz!!! :P

    GogoshXD Sep 2 '12, 4:00AM

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