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  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "I'm sorry to hear that. I do hope you get some sleep soon. You too."
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "Okay. cx Hey, I'm sorry if I'm keeping you awake. I just got kind of excited seeing you were still around. xD I'm gonna head to bed, but it ..."
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "Awesome, I'll add you sometime tomorrow. I really want to catch up with you."
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "I don't, sadly. Can I have your PSN? I'll add you on there tomorrow if that's okay."
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "Yeah, definitely. I'm not on there, my rock is my home. xD Do you still have a PS4?"
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Too much happened, so I think I needed to get away. And yeah, likewise."
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "I'm happy you remember me. And you were a dear from to me. I'm sorry I fell out of touch with you."
  • Rain Drops Blossoming
    "I was talking with someone and they were reminiscing about this place, so I was looking around and saw that you're here. If you remember me ..."
  • "Black Honey- Thrice"
  • "I know, right? Then before that Skward Sword and Twilight Princess got deleted. I was so mad. xD Do you happen to have the Dungeon Map"
  • "It is. One time I was playing it, I ended up deleting half the game, because the saving process is weird. Course it's like that for a few ot..."
  • "They really aren't. I have the Ocarina of Time as a virtual console for the Wii U and its just off. I don't know how to describe it. W"
  • "*Virtual Console"
  • "You drive a hard bargain, man. I've actually been wanting to play Minish Cap, but I can't find that game either. Like, you can get it "
  • "Aw, give me your copy. xc I've played all of those except Minish Cap. I also have played Hyrule Warriors/Legends for the Wii U and 3DS"

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