Jurassic Park Quiz

Hellloooo nattiioonnnn!!!!!!! This is not actually a quiz about Jurassic Park , It is about dinosaurs and all that stuff.It has only has twelve Questions so good luck!

As I said before , this quiz only has twelve questions . This quiz is not at all that tricky . Mabye all the questions are tricky or not for you , anyways,good luck!

Created by: dino gal
  1. what is a giganticsaurus: A: carnivore ,or B: herbivore ?
  2. What does dinosaur mean?
  3. how many Questions left?
  4. what does Spinosaurus mean
  5. whaen did the creature(spinosaurus) live?
  6. are you cheating?
  7. was the pteradactle a dinosaur?
  8. how big were dinos?
  9. what is the most noticeable feater on the velociraptor skeleton?
  10. last question?how many movies were there of Jurassic park?

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