How Well Do You Know Jurassic Park?

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There is a lot to know about the Jurassic Park franchise, three films, two books, and one film coming up! This is a 15 question quiz about how much of a JP fan you are.

Doy you think you're a true JP fan, have you seen every film, and read every book in the franchise, if you take this quiz you can find that out for yourself.

Created by: andy
  1. In the first Jurassic Park film, what was the original ending sequence in place of the T-Rex and raptor fight?
  2. In The Lost world, which character is stepped on by the female Tyrannosaur?
  3. In JP III Dr. Grant is knocked out by which Character?
  4. While the original raptors where gray, the raptors in lost world were . . .
  5. The first three Jurassic Park films are all _____ year(s) apart.
  6. Which Character appears in all three films?
  7. Malcolm's first name is.
  8. In The Jurassic Park novel, How many Tyrannosaurs are there?
  9. Did Laura Dern and Julianne Moore act in the same Jurassic Park film together?
  10. The Tyrannosaur appears ___ times in the first Jurassic Park.
  11. How many scenes from the lost world novel were put in the film?
  12. Chris Pratt plays which character in the upcoming Jurassic World film?
  13. Jurassic World differs from the other three films, because it is the only film that has what?
  14. Suchomimus and Baryonyx will be featured in Jurassic World because of what scene?
  15. How many of the old Jurassic Park actors are returning to play in Jurassic World?

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