Which Jurassic World's raptor are you?

Jurassic World had been our favourite and the most stunning dinosaur movie of all the Jurassic's Movies.But do you want to know what is your raptor of the pack?

How about you play this quiz and find out.You could be the offensive Charlie,strategic Echo,the supportive Delta or the well-known defensive raptor,Blue.

Created by: Sherloque
  1. What is your favorite raptor?
  2. What is your favorite colour out of this four color?
  3. What is the first letter of your name?There will be 4 groups.
  4. If you could to be any raptor what would it be?
  5. Choose a trait.
  6. Choose a Character from Jurassic World.
  7. Which raptor is the one that talk to the Indominus-Rex?
  8. Do you play Jurassic World:The Game?
  9. What will you build for?
  10. Finally,who created Jurassic World?

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Quiz topic: Which Jurassic World's raptor am I?