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  • Jurassic Park Quiz II
    [published: Feb 15, 2013]

    Most people know what dinosaurs are,most also don't know what some names mean,or who discovered them.This……

  • Jurassic Park Quiz
    [published: Oct 19, 2012, 3 comments]

    Hellloooo nattiioonnnn!!!!!!! This is not actually a quiz about Jurassic Park , It is about dinosaurs and all……

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  • Soap anyone?
  • Soap anyone?
    ""Oh,just the thugs prowl by the beachside at night,so just don't go there,"I say."
  • Soap anyone?
    ""Just don't go out at night too late," I warned."
  • Soap anyone?
    "I spread my hands out dramaticly."Well,Behold the one and mighty Waukegan."I started to grin uncontrollably."
  • Soap anyone?
    "I nod my head."Ah,that explains why you didn't 't know what The Windy City was.""
  • Soap anyone?
    "Well,Star can join,and I meant where,not were."
  • Soap anyone?
    "I roll my eyes while saying,"Chicago.Were did you live before moving?""
  • Soap anyone?
    "it's okay with me,but I'm not so sure if you can or not yet."
  • Soap anyone?
    "I smile back."So,"I start."Have you thought of going to The Windy City yet?It's less than an hours drive from here in Waukegan.""
  • Soap anyone?
    "I saw the girl come up to me,somI waved and said,"Hello,I'm Katie and welcome to the neighborhood.""
  • Soap anyone?
    "I was on the swing,reading Moby-Dick for the fourth time.I don't know why,but I've really liked the book.Then I heard some noise a a ..."
  • Soap anyone?
    "No,you go first."
  • Soap anyone?
    "Can you go first,please?"
  • Soap anyone?
    "Name:Katie Parks Age:15 Looks:Short dark blond hair with some lighter blond strands.She has emerald green eyes and a little b"

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