Okay hi I don't know what to name this

okay this quiz is really just pointless and stupid and i'm so tired but yeah like the first however many people i love you guys you cuties you k bye

holy cow i'm tired why do these things have to be so long and pointless and stupid this sucks okay it's not like anyone reads these things okay just stop

Created by: Emmajamme

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  1. hi so this is a shout out quiz
  2. so i'm doing this in order of how much i like the person
  3. so first is Selena112 and she's my homie and i love her okay luv u gurl
  4. then comes rockstar98. what's it like to be so thug?
  5. then zane is here okay you're adorable luv u bby
  6. then there's Dark22978 she's so cute and sweet she's just fantastic
  7. next is DaughterofAppollo and she's really pretty and funny and cool
  8. then there's sage parson and she's really cool and nice and a good friend
  9. okay these next two people are tied but there's stitched heart who i just started talking to today and s/he's awesome
  10. and SWAGGIRL who's pretty cool and nice and she's pretty too
  11. then there's dino gal and she seems pretty cool but i've never talked to her
  12. and lastly there's wolf75677 and he's just a confused kid who needs some help but i don't mind him

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