How well do you know weird al yankovic

many people makeknowlege quizez. well this is a BIT diffrent i wanna see how much you know about WEIRD AL YANKOVIC. best of luck... mwa ha ha ha... POODLE HAT

so this quiz will be all about weird al. all the answers on here are true and such. its not perfect however. but its pretty good. i hope you enjoy the fact other people besides you enjoy the art of WEIRD AL.

Created by: absol heart

  1. what was weird al kingof
  2. whatsweird als real name
  3. which wa an acual album out of all of these
  4. when was weird al born
  5. which song was a mtv smash and won grammy awards
  6. when did weird als album apocalyps arrive
  7. what song does this line go to with a dress like this ill poke your eye out
  8. does wird all have afro hair
  9. what hair does he have now?
  10. did you like this quiz bro

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Quiz topic: How well do I know weird al yankovic