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  • ez pz
    "Absol, you’re super f---in cool and deserve all my lunch money. I remember when you saved me from all those school bullies and ninjas at the"
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "I dont use insta other than to follow other friends on, and even then i rarely ever use it. I do got a dis tho malik_blishtar"
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Yea green tea is aight, but being a southerner im biased towards sweet tea."
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Oh i never said i wanted to drink it I just wanted to know if you could make it I dont drink alcohol. Alcohol tastes like "
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Ohhh like jolyne kujo"
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Very cute! Name?"
  • The Amelia Concours
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Yesss pls do"
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Aww those lil dudes always look so happy"
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "Yoooo Thats pretty cool I love lizards What kind?"
  • A Bar In The Sky
    "You know how to make a japanese lemon sour? The drink, i mean."
  • Bamboo Cave
    "Autism at its finest here"
  • "Actually, oddly enough, yes! A jog early in the morning gets your adrenaline pumping which then gives you endorphins or some s---, which hel..."
  • Bamboo Cave
    "I think averagestudent might just be a f---ing bridge troll / goblin who really likes ice cream"
  • "Oh, right Yeah why the f--- are you tired? Drink some cold water and do something"

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