What position do you have in your friend group?

what position in your friend group do you have? bhngfhfghtdfghchgcvgcvchchvvhgchychgvcghfcjgfcgufcgjvcvhchggfcchgffcfgffcjgfchgcfghhfcufcutfc.


Created by: OmegaWolf9

  1. ok one of the results is 'omega'. i'm just really into wolves and i had no idea how to describe that character so i thought: hey ,why not call it the omega? so it's stil about humans, allright? enjoy!
  2. do people follow you, or do you follow?
  3. when people are planning to go to the movies you...
  4. homework homework homework...
  5. what nickname is the closest to yours? ( if you got no nickname just choose one that could be your nickname.)
  6. do your friends often play pranks on who.
  7. what do your friends think your usefull for?
  8. if you lost the group you...
  9. are you dominant?
  10. how do your friends aproach you?

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Quiz topic: What position do I have in my friend group?