What basketball position are you?

When finding a basketball position for themselves, some people are undecided. They do not know which one will help them the most to be the best player possible.

I've designed this quiz to see your position based on size and skill mostly and I hope that you will not take it too seriously but just give you something to think about.

Created by: Jeter02
  1. How tall would you say you are? Match that with what you are or hope to be as a full-grown adult.
  2. Small and Average guys, on a scale of 1-5, how good of a ball handler are you?
  3. Small/Average guys, how good of a shooter are you?
  4. Small/Average guys, how would you describe yourself physically?
  5. Average/Tall/Very Tall guys, how good of a rebounder are you?
  6. Average/Tall/Very Tall guys, how good of a shooter are you?
  7. Average/Tall/Very tall guys, how do you describe yourself physically?
  8. What stats in a game look like their yours?
  9. Do you play other sports? (Does not count)
  10. Are you a good student (does not count)

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Quiz topic: What basketball position am I?