Test your knowledge on Shaman King.

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Hey, welcome and thank you for clicking on my quiz! I'm sure that this will really put your Shaman King knowledge to the test! So, if you're feeling confident, feel free to give this quiz a go!

Shaman King is a manga series created by Hiroyuki Takei, an artist and writer who also wrote works such as the sequel to Shaman King called Shaman King Flowers, Jumbor, Nekogahara Stray Cat Samurai, and (but not limited to) Ultimo. This quiz has trivia from both the original book and the tv series aired by 4Kids. Look forward to a more in-depth quiz featuring questions about Shaman King Flowers, Shaman King by 4Kids, Shaman King, Shaman King Kanzenban, and Shaman King Zero!

Created by: absol heart
  1. What is Yoh's family known for doing as a job?
  2. What is Mana referred as in the 4Kids Shaman King tv show?
  3. In Shaman King Flowers, a pilot called Death Zero is introduced. What did the idea for this character originally come from?
  4. Funbari Hill is a historic monument in Shaman King that shows up in one of Hiroyuki Takei's other Manga. Which one is it?
  5. What kind of markers did Hiroyuki Takei use to illustrate his manga covers?
  6. Why is Tokagero named after a lizard?
  7. Which two members of Ryu's gang have a hearing problem?
  8. In the Shaman King TV series, the Tao family has 1 extra family member never mentioned in the Manga series. What was this family members gender?
  9. The X-Laws are a group based on what religion?
  10. What is Lee Bailong killed by before he was turned into a Jiang-Si?
  11. Who is Yoh's brother?
  12. 'The Great Spirit' is what?
  13. Why was the remake proposal of the Shaman King tv series rejected by Hiroyuki Takei?
  14. Why does Ryu only use a wooden sword?
  15. What is HoroHoros dream when he becomes the Shaman King?

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