How well do you know Peppa Pig?remake I forgot my passphrase

*Remake of the original because I forgot my passphrase* This is a quiz to test your Peppa Pig knowledge! If you are in front of your screen wondering and scratching your head who the heck Peppa Pig is, then I don't suggest this quiz.

In this quiz, you will be tested on how well you know Peppa Pig. If you have a younger sibling who is obsessed with Peppa Pig, then feel free to take this quiz.

Created by: bobthebuilder
  1. Where does Peppa live?
  2. Who is Peppa's best friend?
  3. Who lives alone?
  4. Who is the tallest out of the following?
  5. What do all the adults hate?
  6. Who always shows up when Peppa's family has a picnic?
  7. Who is Peppa's pen pal?
  8. Where does Peppa's pen pal live?
  9. What color is most of Grandpa Pig's boat?
  10. What color takes up most of Granddad Dog's boat?
  11. Where was Daddy Pig's glasses?
  12. What is Peppa's favorite food?
  13. What did Daddy Pig do to the wall?
  14. What is Peppa's favorite color?
  15. What is George's favorite color?
  16. What is Mummy Pig's favorite color?
  17. What is Daddy Pig's favorite color?
  18. Who can jump the highest?
  19. Who is Granddad Dog's best friend?
  20. Name one of the police officers:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Peppa Pig?remake I forgot my passphrase