The Real OC Quiz For Those Who Grew Up There

This quiz is to see how in depth your knowledge of the REAL Orange County, California is. The TV shows look great, but there's a whole lot more there.

Have you lived in Orange County? How well do you know it? How long did you live there? That this quiz and test your OC knowledge! It's 12 questions long (at the moment) and will test how much of the more detailed information you might know about OC.

Created by: Leo of Two Dogs, Two Ladies and Me
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  1. What was behind Independence Hall at Knott's Berry Farm BEFORE Soak City?
  2. What is the name of the regional park that was once isolated but is now surrounded by the community of Ranch Santa Margarita (boo to you if you look it up).
  3. This street start as Camino Real in Redondo Beach. It is also Sepulveda Blvd., Willow, and ends at Jamboree. What is the name of this street?
  4. At it's southern end, this street is Golden Lantern in Dana Point. Going north, then west, this street ends at Bolsa Chica Ave. - what is the name of this street where it ends?
  5. Verizon Wireless Amphitheater was known by another name. What was it?
  6. If you answered the last question correctly, then you should habe no trouble with this one. What was on the land that abutted the amphitheater in the last question?
  7. Highway 39 is known by what name?
  8. You get on the 57 freeway at Imperial Hwy going south. How many times do you cross Chapman Ave.?
  9. In the movie "That Thing You Do", the appliance store featured is actually a store front in which antique rich area?
  10. Which came first - Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland
  11. Where was Videopolis located
  12. What city is John Wayne Airport located in?
  13. What Orange County street once shared it's name with a ranch that was named after two sisters? (h/t Kristin)

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