How Warren County Are You ??

This quiz is for those who grew up or had any knowlege of the unique place that is called Warren County, NJ. The large piece of land located in the Northwest Corner of the Garden State that is a world all unto its own !!!

Take this quiz and see how much you know about Warren County, NJ. We'll find out if you were a TRUE resident or just a passer by stopping off at the Dairy Queen on Rt. 31 !!! Enjoy ....

Created by: Dominic
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  1. Before called Warren Hills Regional High was known as something else..what ?
  2. Built in the 1970's, how many movie theaters did the Hackettstown Mall Theater originally have ?
  3. What year did the Phillipsburg Mall open up ?
  4. You could go to Warren Hills and still have a Hackettstown mailing could this be?
  5. How many miles is it from the Phillipsburg border to Hackettstown border on Rt. 57 ?
  6. What is the name of the local theater in Belvidere that hosts plays ??
  7. What is the name of the small village on Rt. 57 (heading east) that you pass through before entering Mansfield Twnsp. ?
  8. What is the name of the famous Hot Dog place located in Buttzville on Rt. 46 near the Rt. 31 intersection ?
  9. What is the name of the river that runs behind that restaurant on Rt. 46 ?
  10. Rt 22 in Phillipsburg is also known as ...???
  11. What is the name of the historic house at the base of Wall street in Oxford ?
  12. What year was the town of Washington founded ?
  13. What did the Oxford Furnace produce during the revolutionary war ?
  14. If you follow 517 north out of Hackettstown you'll soon be in..??
  15. Warren Hills students are Blue Streaks..Oxford students are Lions, Hackettstown students are Tigers..What are Phillipsburg High School Students?
  16. A liquor store now sits at the corner of Rt. 57 and Rt. 519..what was it before a liquor store ??
  17. When is the Warren County Farmer's Fair usually held ?
  18. How many Krauszer's food stores does Washington have ?
  19. What branch of the military service makes it's home on Rt 57 just outside Port Colden ?
  20. On the east end of Washington is a defunct plaza called the Warren Plaza ..which was NOT a place of business at one time in the plaza?
  21. If you wanted to go Roller Skating in Warren County you only had 1 choice ..what was the name of the roller rink ?
  22. If you live in Warren County and want to get to PA, you have a few choices.. the Free Bridge or the Toll Bridge both located in Phillipsburg...where's the other bridge located ?
  23. What was the name of the former movie theater once located on Main Street in Hackettstown ?
  24. Downtown Washington has had a few fires in it's days..what year was there NOT a horrific fire?
  25. Before the days of Busy Bee convenience store in Oxford there was only 1 convenience store located on Wall Street..what was the name ?
  26. What store was once located attached to Shop-Rite on Rt. 57 in Washington?
  27. At the intersection of Brass Castle Road and Rt. 46 in Belvidere, there is a farm famous for it's pumpkins..what's the name of the farm?
  28. What was the name of the department store, once located in the same plaza as Shoprite in Mansfield?

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