You know people from Newton are cooler than those Sussex County r

Do you see all those "Sussex County" or Noth Jersey quizzes, take them and just know no one really knows what being from Sussex County was all about? That's because you're from Newton! Or are you? Take this quiz....

Take this quiz. We all know that Newtonites had way more fun. Prove you were one of us by taking this quiz. Sussex County is a big place, but Newton, hell, it's the county seat, and the center of debauchery.

Created by: telly bernie
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  1. What was the cheese factory?
  2. What was likely to happen at Andover Borough Park at any given night
  3. What were the power lines?
  4. What was "the pit?"
  5. Which diner is rumored to have been burnt down by its owners for insurance money?
  6. Have you been to Devil's Drop?
  7. Where was Blue Herring?
  8. Why was Devil's Drop scary?
  9. Where is Ghost Lake?
  10. do any of your friends own a shades of death road sign

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