How Berks County are you?

Berks County, Pennsylvania...home to the infamous outlets. But are you really from Berks? Or are you one of the numerous transplants from Philly, NJ, or NYC?!?

Are YOU from Berks County? Take this quiz to PROVE it. It should be a piece of cake if you grew up let's see!!! And don't be embarrassed if you least you can move one day if you want to!

Created by: Krissy of Krissysurfs Myspace
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  1. Which town is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania?
  2. What is the landmark of Reading?
  3. How do you pronounce the city of Reading?
  4. There's traffic on 222. What's the reason?
  5. Which is the name of an actual highway in Berks County?
  6. Where did every man who turned 18 go in Reading to celebrate his birthday?
  7. Which of the following is NOT a bar in Berks County?
  8. Which of the following is Reading known for?
  9. What candy bar is made in Reading?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a sports team in Reading?
  11. Where did you go on vacation as a kid?
  12. Which of the following populations do not exist in Berks County?
  13. What's the standard tip if you are a senior citizen in Berks County?
  14. What band's members are born & raised in Berks County?

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Quiz topic: How Berks County am I?