How Warren County Are You?

There are many of us that were born and raised in Warren County and others that moved here. This is for those who they think are master of Blackwoods Warren County. It is a true comedian to understand and enjoy the following so have fun and don't get lost with any cows.

Are you a true Warren county-er? Do you have what it takes to go agianst the cows in the quiz. The cows are watching and waiting just for you to join them in the pasture behind the barn. they are watching and waiting so Good Luck with it.

Created by: lulu
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  1. Do you you know what road Sweet Treats and Eats? Is it on:
  2. Did you ever sit on the Shippen Manor lawn and watch the fireworks?
  3. Do you use the Free bridge when going into Easton?
  4. How many people do you know that drive a big truck?
  5. Where is the county seat?
  6. Which High school put a Tomato on its front lawn for a Senior prank?
  7. What was in the space that the Kohl's in Phillipsburg use to be?
  8. Which building in Washington had a large hammer on it?
  9. What stood where the Lowe's in Hackettstown now does?
  10. Which one is cheaper to buy cigarettes

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Quiz topic: How Warren County am I?