"here's to good friends"

This quiz is set up for a great gang of friends I grew up with. You can take it but it will not make sense to anyone else other than my circle of friend.

OK Gang. I quickly threw this together. There will be an advanced version released soon. Just a little quiz on all of us. Nothing Big. Let's see how you do!

Created by: William Tuttle
  1. What is Jay Vanston's actual first name?
  2. What did Art's dad do for a living?
  3. What did Kane's dad do for a living?
  4. Vin Pelosi died
  5. What is Stringer's actual first name?
  6. if a group of people leave a one block long parking lot and travel west one block and make a right. then travel one block and make a right. then travel one block. that makes them
  7. Vin's first tatoo was
  8. What is the name of Dan's son?
  9. Frank's first wedding was held in?
  10. during the Oct 29, 1983 Penn State Boston College football game Kane heard a jumbotron announcement saying "DOUG FLUTIE, THE _______ ______"
  11. What is Jay's youngest daughters name?
  12. When Stringer dies he wants to?
  13. Rich Abbs lived on what street in Jim Thorpe?
  14. one of Nags favorite films is
  15. During the infamous Mar 5, 1982 Lehigh High party Arty stumbled upon a woman ventriloquist entertaining her sorority sisters and said?
  16. at one time Dan worked for which Soda Company?
  17. on sitcom happy days Richie Cunningham had a seldom seen older brother named Chuck. What is Rich Abbs bothers name?
  18. john and frank had matching "tri-county tractor puller" jackets. john wore the jacket with the name "penny" and frank wore the one named "_______"
  19. Frank C Scioscia. What does the "C" stand for?
  20. Who loved Vinny more?
  21. What is the name of the first set of rapids on the Delaware River Canoe trips?
  22. Nags was married?
  23. finish the following sentence. "here's to good friends..."

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