Who do you hang with?

Friends are important, so you have to choose the right ones, that you seem to just click with. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter so long as you have good friends.

This quiz will tell you who you're REALLY hanging out with, and if it's the right choice. But it's just a quiz. Your life it your decision. Get ready to find out who your friends are!

Created by: Susannah

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  1. It's a Friday night with a big TV movie premire, GirlzParty, you HAVE to see. Do you:
  2. A big dance party is coming up. Do you:
  3. What do you do for lunch on the weekends?
  4. Choose one!
  5. Favorite pet:
  6. Favorite memory:
  7. Favorite color:
  8. What do you think your result will be at the end of this quiz?
  9. Do you play on the computer often?
  10. What do you watch?

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Quiz topic: Who do I hang with?