Would Tony Hang Out With You?

This test will tell you, and your friends, just how Ay-oh Oh-Ay COOL you are. If you really need to know if you are ready for a night out with the Danz-ster, then take this test!

Think Tony wants to hang out with you? You think Tony will call then next time he's in town? Well, you better hope so. Let's see how well you and Tony will mesh.

Created by: Fanza Danza of FanzaDanza
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  1. Tony is feeling a little bit down-in-the-dumps. What's on the tube that could possibly cheer him up?
  2. If Tony was Team Captain on "Battle of The Network Stars"- what event would he OWN?
  3. Tony keeps losing at the Black Jack Table...He needs some encouragement to continue playing. What should you NOT say to him?
  4. Tony wants you to join him on a Road Trip to his alma mater- and see some of his old college buddies. Where are you two headed?
  5. Tony LOVES being a Grandpa! His favorite story to read to the kids is...
  6. Tony is a bit nervous about seeing his ex-girlfriend, at the next reunion show- Who will he be dodging at the after party?
  7. Tony used to have a job at a fast food restaurant in Brooklyn. You remember the place, don't you? It was called...
  8. Tony enjoys spelling! He croons like a pro when he sings this 'spelling' song on his latest album.
  9. Tony's middle name is...
  10. Tony's biggest Food pet peeve is...

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