How well do you know Tony Romo

There are many people who believe that they know a lot about Tony Romo. Many girls find him to be cute and maybe guys just want to be him! If is hard to know everything about Tony Romo but you could sure try!

How much do you know about Tony Romo? How crazy are you about the Dallas Cowboys starting Quarterback? This quiz will tell you how much of a Romosexual you are!

Created by: Julianne
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  1. Tony Romo's Zodiac sign is
  2. Tony Romo grew up in...
  3. Tony grew up idolizing this Quarterback...
  4. Tony Romo was born on a military base in what state?
  5. Tony Romo's grandparents emigrated from which country?
  6. Romo's passer rating for the 2006 season was...
  7. What college did Tony Romo attend?
  8. Tony's full name is
  9. Tony Romo's mother is of...
  10. What year was Tony brought to the Dallas Cowboys organization as an undrafted free agent?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tony Romo