High School Musical Quiz

It's hard to believe that some people do not know ANYTHING at all about High School Musical. But don't be too scared. Impossible shouldn't be in your vocabulary.

Can you help us figure out whether YOU know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk? Thanks to this quiz, you can! All you need to do is answer a few simple questions. Are you ready?

Created by: Erin and Rachel of MovieMarathon12
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  1. Who plays Troy Bolton in High School Musical?
  2. Who says "Evaporate tall person!" ?
  3. What is the school's mascot in High School Musical?
  4. Which of the following isn't in the movie High School Musical?
  5. How many Hats did Ryan Evans(Lucas Grabeel) wear in the entire movie?
  6. Who was offered the part of Troy Bolton, other than Zac Efron?
  7. How do you spell Taylor's Last name in High school musical?
  8. What other disney movie has Olesya Rulin and Lucas Grabeel been in together?
  9. Is Emma Watson in the High School Musical Cast?
  10. Who directed this movie?

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