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  • cool at least i try
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  • OMG i hate HSM there is bad acting, bad lip singing, bad dancing, ugly cast, corny story line, and bad role models! Try watching the classics, like Breakfast at Tiffany's

  • This quiz is kinda bad. No effence but how are we supposed to know how many hats Ryan wears in the movie? Also in the movie it doesn't say how to spell Taylor's last name so we weren't supposed to know that either. Sry but this quiz wasn't too good. Keep making more quizzes though!

    qt xo pie 07
  • Why would you make a quiz on high school musical??

    It's one of the most gayest movies around. Just like twilight, yer the books were good but why did they have to make it into a movie.

  • Yea exactly what Kmbann8 said I may not know her but atleast she knows what she's talking about and you guys are awesome i can't believe you guys only had 17 rehersal days that's freaking Awesssoomeee...

    you guys are great keep up the good work Kenny Ortega

    Amber Smith
  • I hope the people in Highschool musical get drafted into the military. And then get killed and cremated in Iraq.

  • OK, first off, Naela Hendricks gave her PHONE NUMBER to the internet, stupid. Also, soccerddb7 is very right and very cool and so is englishgirl this is a really bad quiz!!! I HATE HIGH SCHOOL BLOODY MUSICAL! hi englishgirl I am english too it's nice to meet a proper english person on this damn site!!

    tractor 01
  • i thing hsmand hsm2 is fab and i definetly cannot wait for hsm3 i do agree with some peaple of what they say about how any hats lucas wore in the entire movie that is just soooooooooo stupid but anyway i really do love the film the songs and most of all te quizzes that you keep bringing on keep up the good work.

  • hi zac you are the best m8 and i got 40% on the high school musical quiz i really love high school musical it is the best and i am so gonna see high school musical i love all the songs in it i think that zac efron is really fit

    sophie louise bogg
  • ya ok, lucas wears 8 hats in the movie, it says in the pop-up edition, and that wasn't even a choice. maby you should get your facts straight before you tell people that they don't know their facts about hsm.

  • i recon zac efron does really well in all high school musicals .i have high school musical 1 and 2 dvd and i might be going to get high school musical 3 dvd when it comes out. i am also going to see high school musical three at the movies.

  • i recon zac efron does really well in all high school musicals .i have high school musical 1 and 2 dvd and i might be going to get high school musical 3 dvd when it comes out. i am also going to see high school musical three at the movies.

  • hi u kk a am a real fan of high school musical a enjoid the high school musical 3 but a cant wait in till high school musical 4 when it cones out a have seen clips of it and a like one of the songs that gabriella montez and troy bolten sings a am lorning the song like a now all the other songs its not like me gust moing bit of the song a need to now it all hope u all good luke with high school musical 4 a am tring to beg my mam to live me come to wach the high school musical tower on october but it costs lods of money my mam ses see u all soon high school musical casts.

  • I cannot believe I got 40%. Can I at least see th answers?

  • I seriously dislike HSM, they can't act and Vannessa sings like a dying cat.

  • ANNOYING is how to describe high school musical. it is the most f***ing retardedest movie in existance. not one of the actors are cute and they all suck at acting and even singing. vannessa hudgens is a complete s***.

  • Hey this quiz was cool i made a 40 something

    La la londan
  • Im a very big fan of vanessa anne hudgens and zac efron and ashley distale and corbin bleu i would really like 2 meet u my num is 0725414908 you are the best

    Naella hendricks
  • How are we supposed to know how many hats Lucas Garbeel wore in the whole film?

  • I like hsm and thought it was a brilliant and fun quiz!Keep up the great quizzes!

  • I H8 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!! It is a crap film. If u h8 it as much as i do go 2 my quiz of do you h8 high school musical?

  • ok i loooooooooooovw HSM2 i think that it is the total bomb oh and zac, corbin, lucas, monique, vanessa, and ashley keep on making movies 2gether coz me oh zoe i will buy them!!!!

  • Its the gayest movie ive ever seen xoxo

  • high school musical is brillant it teaches you something that nobody knows.

  • Lucas is the hottest, awsomest person in HSM and HSM2!

    Puppy xo1

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