High School Musical Trivia

There is no high school like high school musical. Take this quiz to test you're HSM IQ. gn gn ae af ae e ee aera tyd a er ea ra a te aer era e er er

The quiz only about high school musical. DO IT NOW ae aer er e et eta htyat ee ey et eatete te yertwta r rty ata rtat ata at etat at tat ata hbhby bhybb hgh ttyt

Created by: amirul
  1. Who is the person that write high school musical?
  2. Which of the book title is the third book from the stories from east high book series?
  3. Which charector that play maddie in the suite life of zack and cody?
  4. Which is the first song that use to promote high school musical 2
  5. What was the song that should be perform by sharpay and ryan at the midsummer night talent show?
  6. High School Musical 2 was a big success, how many people watch the premiere?
  7. There was a barbeque party, that was held at ........
  8. First there were one,then two and then high school musical 3. What was the first idea that been created for HSM 3?
  9. What was the colour of sharpay car?
  10. Which is of this sport doesn't include in high school musical 2?

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