Something About Suzy

There are a lot of people that claim to know Suzy, but have they merely scratched the surface or do they possess true knowledge? Is Suzy as ecclectic as she claims to be? Or is she more down to earth than she would prefer to admit?

Do you know Something About Suzy? Test your memory and knowledge of Suzy here. Whether you've had coffee talk or an all nighter phone convo, you might have the answers to these questions.

Created by: Suzy
  1. What color are my eyes?
  2. What is my natural hair color?
  3. What is my religious affiliation?
  4. Which band is my all-time favorite?
  5. Where was I born?
  6. What is my shopping weakness?
  7. What is my all-time favorite book?
  8. What is my favorite holiday?
  9. What TV character am I most often compared to?
  10. What is my favorite sport to watch?
  11. What is my favorite soft drink?
  12. How many siblings do I have?
  13. Who is my favorite movie actor?
  14. What month is my birthday?
  15. What is my favorite gemstone?
  16. What is my ancestry?
  17. What is my favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
  18. What is my least favorite food?
  19. Where did I graduate from high school?
  20. If I became independently wealthy, what would I do with the rest of my life?
  21. What habits/traits go the farthest with me?
  22. If I'm cranky, its usually because I'm:
  23. Which of these traits would I rather have recognized by other people?
  24. If I could travel to any of these places for a week, which would it be?
  25. What is my favorite fast food eatery?
  26. Would I rather be:
  27. My parents are:
  28. Of these, which is my most favorite TV show?
  29. How many states have I lived in?
  30. Who is my celebrity crush?
  31. What is my long-term career goal?
  32. I always order the same breakfast. What is it?
  33. Favorite way to "waste" time:
  34. How many times have I been proposed to?
  35. What is my favorite season?
  36. What is my favorite date?
  37. My favorite geeky pleasure is:
  38. After I've made my dream vacation to Ireland, where do I want to go to next?
  39. Finish this sentence for me: I have always wanted to....
  40. Which of these is my favorite painting?

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