Do you know PEWDIEPIE

You do know PEWDIEPIE right? Well let's see if you can get all right good luck bro!!!!! I know you can so please enjoy my first test!:-) thanks enjoy!

You could know alot or not that much about PEWDIEPIE but if you don't don't sorry everything is alright! You will find out at the end this test! Now will u?!

Created by: Virginia Long

  1. Do you know what pewds real name is?:-)
  2. Which gender is pewds?:-)
  3. What month is his bday in!?
  4. Did you like this quiz? Plus it is not over! Ha!:-)
  5. How old is PEWDIEPIE?
  6. OMG I am tired are you?
  7. Is PEWDIEPIE owns a Charity
  8. Almost done! Does PEWDIEPIE have a girl friend and what is her name
  9. What game is PEWDIEPIE quiz from?
  10. BYE!:'( but I don't wanna! :'(

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Quiz topic: Do I know PEWDIEPIE