Are you a true Pewdiepie fan?

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So are you a true pewdiepie fan?Well find out on this hard quiz.Take your time and read through the questions carefully.I hope you have fun doing it.Stay cool Bro.

So Bro you have decided to do another one of my fantastic quizzes. I have done Adventure time and now I am on Pewdiepie. Some of these questions you might not know but have a go.BRO FIST

Created by: loz42
  1. What is pewdiepies real name?
  2. Where was Pewdiepie born?
  3. By the 11th of July 2012 how many subscribers did he have?
  4. What does he like doing after each video?
  5. What is his girlfriends YouTube channel?
  6. What year did pewdiepie move to England?
  7. What is his dogs name?
  8. Before pewdiepie became famous on you tube what was he studying in university.
  9. Do you like pewdiepie?
  10. what month and year did he create his you tube channel?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Pewdiepie fan?