How Much Of a Pewdiepie Fan You Are?

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Do you know if your a true pewdiepie fan? I know I am. DO this quiz if you think you are. I bet you are if you pass this. I know you want to take this test.

There are the bros and the barrels. Which are you? I'm a true bro. I bet you that you are not a bro. Test your knowledge. Here and now, test it now. Click.

Created by: Henry Chiapa
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  1. What is pewdiepie's real name? (First name)
  2. Where is he from?
  3. What is he famous for?
  4. What did he go collage for?
  5. What phobia does pewdiepie have?
  6. What does he call his subscribers?
  7. Stephano?
  8. Famous Quote from Happy Wheels...
  9. What does pewdie call the enemies from amnesia?
  10. What exact date was born?

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