Quiz for New PewDiePie bros!

Are you new to watching PewDiePie? then have fun, and take this fun quiz! Do you think you are an awesome bro yet. every bro is an awesome one of course, but how much bro zknowledge do you have.

just have fun. no troll or spam comments. This is for PewDiePie fans, and this quiz was, nce again, made for FUN. so if you are. a troll or spammer, get out.

Created by: OmegaWolf9

  1. allright, rhis quiz is for new bros. it's okay if your a more expierienced bro, but then it will probably be very easy. though it could be hard for the actual new bros. welcome to the bro army.
  2. we'll start off easy. Who are pewdiepie's biggest enemies!
  3. (okay, this one is WAY to easy, i actually allready said it, if you get this one wrong...) What does PewDiePie call all his bro's together?
  4. (hard one) what does he call a rock?
  5. Where does Pewds live?
  6. What is pewds's first name?
  7. and what's his last/surname?
  8. fill in the blanks: ___ with PewDiePie.

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