Are You A True PewDiePie Fan?

There are bros , there are fake bros, and here are people who don't know who pewdiepie is. Pewdiepie is brave, stronge Swedish man...NO JK he's a total wimp but still. Who could hate pewdiepie?

Are you a bro? Are you a true bro? Or a.....sis? I dunno but take this quiz, though it could be a little tricky! Just warning you!

Created by: Pewdiepiefangirl#1
  1. Where does the Save Kitty Cat come from?
  2. On Just Dance 3 which cheer leader is Pewdiepie?
  3. What does pewdiepie call his viewers
  4. What is Pewdiepie's real name?
  5. On what game does pewdiepie say the lines "Frontflip!" "But dad, that was a backflip!" "DON'T QUESTION MEEEE"
  6. Which of these games does pewdiepie not play
  7. What does pewdiepie do to his watchers
  8. What is Pewdiepie's last name
  9. What does pewdiepie hate the most
  10. Who was cleverbot cheating on pewdiepie with
  11. What does pewdiepie say when he sees a ghost in the calling
  12. What does pewdiepie think of copying
  13. Where is Stephano from?
  14. Is Piggeh and mr chair the same place where Stephano is from
  15. What language did pewdiepie create
  16. When was pewdiepie born
  17. What's pewdiepie's dog's name
  18. Does pewdiepie have a girlfriend
  19. What is pewdiepie's girlfriend known as
  20. What is Pewdiepie's normal reaction to horror games
  21. Last...are you a bro?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True PewDiePie Fan?