Are you subscribed to Pewdiepie?

In this quiz we will find out if you are subscribed to pewdiepie. We need everyone on this site to subscribe to pewdiepie so Tseries can't win.

If you are not subscribed to pewdiepie you must be a satanist or something. Make sure you're subscribed. We can't let a corparation win.

Created by: Faceless Knight
  1. Do you have an internet capable device?
  2. Is you device connected to the internet?
  3. Have you heard of Youtube?
  4. Do you use Youtube?
  5. Have you heard of Gmail?
  6. Do you have a Gmail account?
  7. Have you heard of Pewdiepie?
  8. Have you ever clicked on a Pewdiepie video or his channel?
  9. How old are you?
  10. Have you clicked the "subscribe" button on Pewdiepie's channel?

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Quiz topic: Am I subscribed to Pewdiepie?