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  • Are you subscribed to Pewdiepie?
    [published: Dec 3, 2018]

    In this quiz we will find out if you are subscribed to pewdiepie. We need everyone …

  • is this annoying?
    [published: Mar 11, 2016]

    this quiz means nothing to me or anyone is not important in any way and now i'm just talking more and more and…

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  • Im genuinely curious
    "Catholic are Christians, they're just a subsection. you've got Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox. all three are Christians so they genera..."
  • "a punch in the arm is no big deal. it's really hard to injure someone by just punching their arm (small children, elderly people, and super ..."
  • Space Force?
    "space mining is gonna come before colonization. it's gonna be a multi trillion dollar industry and we're gonna need to protect it."
  • "the wall would stop the problem but i think it would be a massive help. we would have a physical barrier that would at least slow people dow..."
  • Space Force?
    "honestly i disagree. i think we need to establish military control in space before russia or china do."
  • HELP!!!!!!!!
    "100% agree with puppet. if you're in high school the relationship probably wouldn't last anyways."
  • exhausted
    "jeez, wtf"
  • "ok. if i win im selling ur stuff"
  • "also R E P O R T E D for being under 15"
  • "if you cant punch a hole in drywall then you cant punch"
  • "you hear that acrimony?"
  • "she's taller than me tbh. but that won't stop me from shoving her teeth down her throat if she wants to fight >: )"
  • What do you think about?
    "it really depends on how you're saying it."
  • "acceptance is not love. if a person you love is a drug addict do you accept that or try to change them? Catholicism is a factio"
  • "i think that the wall is a good idea. remember that it's not just a wall sitting in the desert waiting for people to climb it. there's gonna..."

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