How Should my Disobedient Child be Disciplined for Parents

This is truly for parents who are unsure of how to discipline a misbehaving child. Please, don't relax the punishments! They are for your child's own good.

This is how all mine were disciplined, and they turned out great and truly love me. I only wish mine had been the same way. Use the quiz and discipline severely, but in love.

Created by: lilyann
  1. What gender are they?
  2. How old is he/she?
  3. What did they do?
  4. How were they caught?
  5. Are they sorry?
  6. Will they do it again? ( in your opinion)
  7. Did others see it?
  8. Were others hurt by it?
  9. How pain sensitive are they?
  10. Are they generally submissive and obedient?
  11. Is this a repeated offense?
  12. Who will be disciplining them?
  13. What is their attitude toward being punished?
  14. Do you usually physically punish your child?
  15. When will you punish them?
  16. Are you angry?
  17. Who will be watching?
  18. How are they usually dressed for punishment?
  19. What position do you usually punish in?
  20. Will you do this predicted punishment?

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